Retrofit - automated warehouse equipment upgrade

Retrofit - automated warehouse equipment upgrade

You may have experienced that your machines and equipment are only partly or hardly meet the growing expectations of the daily workload. The retrofitting and modernization of the existing warehouse machinery and equipment is a feasible option in the case of obsolete systems that are worn out in their outlook, capabilities and operation.

Zenit Kft. undertakes the modernization of outdated automated storage systems. The retrofitting of automated warehouses is preceded by a thorough assessment and consultation process. By examining the complete history of the equipment we help you to make a decision between the retrofitting of the existing equipment and the installation of a new system. The assessment covers the installation of possible new modern systems, their costs, their implications at project level and their comparison to the potentials of the existing system. We provide mechanical renovation services for automated systems, and the upgrading of the equipment with a modern control system. The control function is available at both equipment and system level. In case of modernization projects we take into account the customer's medium- and long-term plans, and set up a logistics process map, in which we define the future role of the modernized equipment and create its environment, thus supporting the setup of a process-based, future-proof system.

We offer modernization services for warehouse automation in the field of the following logistics equipment:

Retrofit - automated warehouse equipment upgrade

Upgrade, modernization, cycle time and process improvement of existing production lines is also a cost-effective solution. The modernization effort includes the standardization of safety technology, end-to-end design, the necessary improvement or replacement of equipment, transformation of process logics, development of PLC programs, and the reprogramming of entire processes.

Software development is also a feasible option, on a PC basis, at PLC level. Within the frame of our development projects we communicate with existing peer-to-peer and server-clientsoftware with maximum security and stability, once the necessary interfaces have been established.

Our modernization software development services are as follows:

If your other equipment has LENZE drives and LENZE drive controls, in addition to automated warehouse systems, we are also at your disposal to modernize these systems, too. Contact us, and we will prepare you an offer for a stable, modern warehouse equipment, including maintenance, ad-hoc repairs and retrofitting.

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