Warehouse software (WMS system) consultation

Warehouse software (WMS system) consultation

WMS, warehouse management software consulting service from Zenit Kft.!

Within the frame of your warehousing operation you must have come across of the idea to connect to your existing accounting, manufacturing and enterprise resource planning (ERP)  system into a warehouse management software, in a fully integrated way!

The actual needs in this area are significantly different: there are those companies that would like to integrate the processes to their orders, sales and purchasing modules.

There are others that focus on error-free picking and production component commissioning for production. Some others would like to monitor the stocks available in a preventive maintenance purpose warehouse online, plan purchases, or plan the procurement of items for a planned or immediate maintenance requirement up to the “last screw” or seal, and of course it is also very important to find the necessary parts immediately.

There are companies that need to prepare parts ready for weekend, night maintenance and thus prepare everything for the arriving technicians, without the need to work overtime.

We have retail and wholesale customers who sell and manage their inventory, constantly trying to improve service efficiency with an online inventory which is accessible even to their customers as well. Naturally, transparency, and the preservation of the value of items, all have significant economic implications.

There are e-commerce businesses for which the online availability of goods and data are vital.

Some companies offer warehouse space rent services, in addition to delivery, sometimes with multiple delivery points, and their customers expect to see their own inventory transparently, whether on the user interface of an international standard system, be it SAP, Oracle, Navision, IFS or any custom ERP system.

Warehouse software (WMS system) consultation

Many ERP systems have WMS (Warehouse Management System), MFC, MFS (Material Flow and Control Systems) modules, but it is worth considering whether it is more beneficial to implement the module in a given situation (bearing in mind license fees, support, implementation timeframe), or, instead, to use of an external, but well-integrated system! We can help you make this decision as an independent expert!

Specification of WMS, MFC, MFS systems - we translate your needs into the language of IT!

Should you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us! The first in-person consultation on the exact definition of your needs is provided free of charge, and starts with our familiarizing with your site and operation model!

At Zenit Kft. we assess and thus know the needs and expectations of our customers, so we believe that the operation of WMS systems has to be entrusted to professional system operators and software companies, equipped with a call center to fulfill the relevant support requirements (0-24 / 7/365 availability).

Our software partners have the appropriate references, be it in the field of systems service logistics, commercial, banking or petrol station operation, thus your system will be in good hands from implementation to operation!

Regardless of system type and supplier, we help to translate your logistics needs and work environment into IT language, to formulate your expectations, support you in negotiations so that WMS development companies do not “pressure” you into buying a product, instead, we ensure that the WMS system and its integration are customized to your processes!

Our competences extend only up to the point of the specification of the WMS system, however, we are at your disposal to support you in the issue of the relevant invitations to tenders as well. According to our well-established practice, this type of consultation, together with the preparation of the documentation and meeting minutes, requires approx. 10-25 man-days of human resources on the part of Zenit Kft., which is realized in the form of consultations, site visits and administrative tasks, meetings.

Request a personal meeting by phone or email so we can assess the nature of the task and your actual needs! Believe us, it is definitely worth it!

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