Supply Chain and logistics planning

Supply Chain and logistics planning

Warehouse logistics planning, consulting:

In the field of intralogistics there is an almost endless range of equipment and components available. It is a general principle that a warehouse system should be implemented with the highest possible storage airspace (cubature) utilization rate, at the lowest possible investment costs.

Our colleagues have decennial experience in the price/value analysis of static, dynamic and automated warehouse systems, taking into account not only the actual needs of the customer, but also future development potentials, and the related expansion opportunities as well.

We have day-to-day, decades-long experience in the design and implementation of pallet racking, drive in racks, FIFO systems (KDR), LIFO racks (push back), moving shelves (Verschieberegale), 2D and 3D shuttle systems.

In addition to the above, we are fully prepared to take part in the design and the assessment of the potentials of the most complex automated high-bay systems (HBW, HRL) (in this area providing design and consultancy services instead of implementation) and provide you with support in preparing tender documentations, based on our extensive and in-depth knowledge of the warehouse design market, with the relevant experience and completed reference cases.

Our service portfolio includes so called "Engpass" analytics and performance reviews with the use of data taken in your specific environment, with the involvement of a software developer company providing logistics process simulation services (Siemens Plant Symulation), to verify the proper co-operation of the given high-bay warehouse components (high-bay stacker cranes, expediation points, transfer trolleys, conveyors and workstations).

Supply Chain and logistics planning

Supply Chain system design:

In the production process it is a basic SCM requirement in all large enterprise environments to ensure the smooth operation of the assembly cells, free of interruptions and delays.

If we examine the internal supply chain in its processes and components, we may come to the conclusion in view of the supply chain process the assembly point is the "customer" and logistics is the service process itself.

Intralogistics tools support the internal transport, replenishment and buffering processes, while the elaboration of the optimal organization, placement and servicing method of transfer points and the necessary equipment is a real science, that can only be designed properly at the specific site, in a cooperation and consultation with the customer, leveraging your local knowledge and experience.

Our portfolio ranges from design services through the specification and shipment of the concrete and optimal logistics equipment for storage and warehousing, including product delivery to the production area, internal material handling, up to the ergonomic design of packaging points.

Our staff has decades of experience in production line service methodology and tools, automation, and ROI calculations (the ROI support includes the use of market-based, validated cost and actual, empirical performance data).

Our colleagues are at your disposal with their extensive project experience and optimization expertise, and are ready to prepare  system design plans applicable to your environment, in accordance with the Kaizen methodology, using Lean, TPS tools to ensure the smooth flow of products throughout the entire value stream.

In terms of equipment we are at your disposal from supplying the simplest hand trolleys through custom-designed and manufactured material handling systems (custom load bearing bodywork), up to AGVs (bin and pallet systems) with industry-specific experience, benchmarks, cost and performance data and calculations.