Repair and maintenance of racks

Repair and maintenance of racks

Repair and maintenance of racks

Installed shelving and rack systems, mezzanine floor racking, system racks, cantilever and long goods racks, roller pallet racks, document archiving shelving and racks, drive in racks and pass-through pallet racks, palette live storage racks, etc. are components that essential for the operation of a warehouse. During daily operation of the warehouse the racking systems can be damaged, typically during the loading and unloading of materials.

Damaged or deformed racks can be a major concern both for the owner and the operator of the warehouse. A damaged rack may collapse much later than the damage is done, under the weight or the change of the load stored on it, and sometimes seemingly insignificant damages are often not even detected or reported by the warehouse staff. It is clear that a damaged rack is not only a significant financial risk - one may even look at it as a “time bomb”, but it can also cause a serious or even a fatal accident.

If a rack is damaged, it is the operator's responsibility to take the necessary measures.

Zenit Kft. undertakes to perform repair and maintenance tasks applicable to racks. Upon request we do not only repair a given defect on a case-by-case basis, but we may also be assigned with this task on a permanent, contractual basis, as agreed in the relevant agreement.

Repair and maintenance of racks Our company undertakes the repair of rack defects, found and documented during the mandatory annual rack inspection, performed according to the MSZ EN 15635 standard. We also undertake the repair work even if the rack inspection was not performed by our company.

Our added benefit over our competitors is that we repair almost the complete range of racks systems, manufactured in series production (not produced as a custom locksmith product), including the procurement, supply and installation of the necessary spare parts. During rack repairs and maintenance - focusing on cost efficiency and fast response times - whenever possible we provide our customers with proper quality, used racks parts.

In view of the significant amount of repair and maintenance work performed by our company every year, we maintain a significant stock parts for the most popular rack types in Hungary (Stow, SSI Schaefer, Nedcon, Bito, Dexion, Jungheinrich MPB, Esmena, Polypal, DS-Reck, SLP, Hunpal , Elvedi, HILO, Mecalux, Meta, Ross, Armes, HLF, Galler, Metalsistem).

To repair damages to pallet rack uprights, exclusively in Hungary we use the ROS pallet rack upright repair technology, which provides our customers significant time and cost saving.