Occupational safety rack inspection

Occupational safety rack inspection

Occupational safety rack inspection

Safe operation is a basic requirement for the operation of a warehouse. If rack systems are installed in the warehouse, they can be damaged during their daily use, which can may pose risks to the safety of the warehouse and the warehouse staff alike.

Damages to pallett rack systems that generally occur during loading and unloading with forklifts may have an adverse effect on the load-bearing capacity and stability of the rack system. In the event of a minor damage to a rack employees may not detect the hazard and its consequences, e.g. resulting both in personal injury and significant material damage, or even death.

An external expert experienced in the MSZ EN 15635 standard can help to identify and document rack damages, defects.

The MSZ EN 15635 Standard imposes obligations on the operators of warehouses and their equipment. The standard requires the regular inspection of rack systems to ensure their safe operation, which must be performed in every 12 months at the latest by an external expert.

By performing rack inspections we provide the following services:

  • inspection by a specialist, including the preparation of a documented report
  • inspection in an operating warehouse environment - the inspection does not require the closing of the work zone
  • itemized defect list
  • reducing the risk of accidents, ensuring a safer work environment
  • the service life of rack systems can be increased by measures taken in connection with the inspection (repair, maintenance)

In high-traffic, multi-shift warehouses it is recommended to increase the frequency of rack inspections from the mandatory minimum, even to a monthly or weekly basis.

The MSZ EN 15635 standard also requires internal rack inspections on operator side, performed by the so-called PRESS specialist. Upon request, our staff - as part of a separate service - trains the customer's delegated employees to perform these internal inspections at any time.

Zenit Kft. performs this activity both on an ad-hoc and annual contractual basis. Our company undertakes to carry out annual rack inspections in accordance with the MSZ EN 15635 standard for any rack system manufactured in series production (not produced as a custom locksmith product), regardless of the rack type, including any rack portfolio comprised of several rack types.

Upon our rack inspection, performed in accordance with the MSZ EN 15635 standard, we make a repair offer for any defects detected during the inspection. When repairing defects of pallet rack uprights or rack frames, we exclusively use the ROS rack upright repair technology, which delivers significant cost saving, while ensuring an almost uninterrupted operation of the warehouse during the repair.

Zenit Kft.’s achievements in numbers:

More than 150 contracted customers

More than 2,000 rack inspections completed