ROS pallet rack upright repair technology

ROS pallet rack upright repair technology

ROS pallet rack upright repair technology

In Hungary, Zenit Kft. has exclusive right to perform the patented the ROS rack upright repair, which is a rack repair technology developed to repair pallet rack uprights meeting the requirements set forth in the MSZ EN 15635 standard

The rack system may get damaged, bended or deformed in any warehouse from time to time. This phenomenon is especially frequent, is forklift is used between the racks, or if loading an unloading to and from the racks, and if the rack system is explicitly high.

In case of injured racks, so far the most frequently used solution was to replace the damaged part or the entire rack, which is not only costly, but also time-consuming, as unloading and reloading the pallet , and its replacement may take a long time.

The Dutch ROS has developed a repair technology, which allows full and permanent correction with maximum pallet load - i.e. without the need of unloading - in compliance with the safety requirements!

ROS raklapos állványláb javítási technológia With the patented system, racks can easily be restored to their original form, and with the use of this technology a rack upright can be repaired up to 3 times, and we warrant safe operation and load bearing capacity equal to the original rack.


Advantages of the ROS pallet rack upright repair technology:

  • Up to more than 50% cost saving,
  • A damaged pallet rack upright can be repaired quickly, in 30 minute on the average,
  • Short repair deadline; you don’t need to wait for the arrival of the rack spare parts,
  • Significant time and energy can be saved, as we perform the repair without unloading and reloading the pallets, with fully loaded rack system,
  • With our repair technology, a rack upright can be repaired up to 3 times,
  • Our technology has quality assurance certificates issued by independent certifiers, and meets all requirements specified for the repair in the MSZ EN 15635 standard.
  • We have liability insurance and assume warranty for all rack repair work we perform,
  • It is a green solution, reduces your ecological footprint, if you repair instead of replacing,