Rack installation, relocation

Állvány szerelés, költöztetés

Rack installation, relocation

Zenit Kft. undertakes the professional installation, disassembly, reconstruction and moving of new and used shelving and rack systems, mezzanine floor racking, system racks, cantilever and long goods racks, roller pallet rack and document archiving shelving and racks, walk-in and pass-through racks, palette live storage racks in accordance with the relevant occupational safety regulations, upon completion of which we issue an installation declaration.

Our company has significant experience and references in the field of installing new and used rack and shelving systems. Our scope of activities includes the relocation of warehouse rack and shelving systems in the warehouse moving process, which includes the disassembly, packaging, loading, transportation of the racks and their installation in the new warehouse. It is part of our end-to-end service is to draw up the list of defective rack components found in the existing rack system that cannot be re-installed. We also provide - prior to installing the existing racks - a layout plan of the rack and the related load capacity data.

Állvány szerelés, költöztetésIn the warehouse operation activity it is very common that stored products are replaced entirely. In such cases it is a common requirement to reposition the beams of rack systems. Zenit Kft. undertakes to re-install, increase or decrease the number of beams of rack systems, in accordance with the customer's needs, by delivering extra beams if required. It is important to note that in these cases, if the number of beams change from the original rack installation status, it is necessary to perform load control calculations for the given rack system and the new rack configuration, as the load capacity may change parallel with the change of the number of beams. Naturally, following this process, the new load values of the rack system must be indicated on new information plates, in compliance with the MSZ EN 15635 standard.

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