Safety products

Safety products

Logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, operation of robot cells require protection and safety of employees and goods. So in each case during warehousing activities or operating special or dangerous machinery, the safety of products, as well as the protection of plant and warehouse employees must be kept in mind.  If you had a safety technology review and the safety technology standards require machine protection or fencing, contact us and we will offer a solution to your situation.

Protecting fences and security, partition fences

As solutions to their safety-related problems we offer broad range of protecting fences and security, partition fences to companies operating in the fields of manufacturing, production and warehousing. Protecting fences and industrial fences we offer on the market are fast and easy to install, thanks to the thoroughly conceived design solutions. Door solutions built in between protecting fences and safety fences are exceptionally strong. As during their design even daily frequent use was taken into consideration, and they provide the opportunity to implement safety locks and  safety systems, it can be a compact solution for you, as well. Doors built in between industrial fences or safety fences are always delivered to the site of installation in pre-assembled condition, whether it is a warehouse, a manufacturing line or production equipment. Safety fences or safety fencing can also be built in stand-alone layout, up to 11 meters height.

With the transparency and penetration of the light between the fence elements warehouse workers and forklift operators working in the warehouse can more easily make corrections in an accident-prone situation, than in case, if they could not see behind the separation, potentially a wall. With the application of industrial safety grid wall systems - following light calculation - even the costs of warehouse illumination can be reduced, as the light penetrates the fence elements to every direction, unlike in case of a potentially built separation wall or back wall plate. The industrial safety grid wall system our company sells is made of many standard construction elements as well, so a potential extension, or replacement of a faulty or damaged part could not be a problem, unlike in case of individually manufactured specific solutions.

When designing industrial safety grid walls, stability and fast installation were important factors. Accordingly, the industrial wall and safety fence product line was developed, which satisfies the requirements and customer expectations detailed above. If necessary, industrial grid walls can also be built with roofs, thus transforming the given spatial element into a cage. Industrial grid walls are manufactured with painted or galvanized coating.

Doors integrated in industrial grid walls can be manufactured, delivered and installed with different locks, this always depends on the customer’s requirements (for example security or health requirements) and on the task to be fulfilled. Safety fences bordering production or manufacturing lines, warehouses robot, automated warehouses have standard height: they are either 2200 mm or 1400 mm high, and begin in 150 mm height from the floor. Width of the panels is between 200 mm and 1500 mm, the industrial grid wall system is created by building them together. If machine refurbishment or modernization of machines, retrofit at the end of processes came up also in case of your equipment, standard machine protection will also play an important role.

The manufacturer keeps standard elements of the industrial fence or safety grid wall system (panels, uprights, gates, locks, etc.) on stock, so fast delivery and subsequent installation is granted for the customers.

Industrial fence or grid wall systems installed for production or manufacturing lines typically form multiple product lines, such as reinforced industrial fence system, made of 80 x 80 mm strong material with grid splitting. It is applied in case, if there is considerable risk of any kind of collision. Another industrial grid wall product line is the  quick-assembly industrial grid wall that can easily be removed and the rebuilt just as quickly. With this fast dismantling and assembly, the industrial fence or grid wall system may facilitate maintenance of the production machinery, or even repair in case of failure. The third product line gives priority to security and asset protection aspects. Its application will make reinforced human guarding of the machinery unnecessary. Industrial fences or grid systems are delivered with threaded fittings, is easy to install and can be easily adjusted to the potential unevenness of the floor. Its application makes possible automated manufacturing and production processes. By choosing the fourth product lines of the industrial fence systems requirements related to hygienic and security aspects can be combined. Components of this product line are made of stainless steel, without open profiles and welded panels. They are mainly applied in the pharmaceutical and food industries, contributing to efficient and hygienic cleaning, even in case, if they are installed directly to the floor, unlike in case of conventional installation, during which a 150 mm gap is left between the floor and the bottom of the grid element.

Safety products

Warehousing and storage in warehouses is typically done on systems. Items can be loaded for storage in different ways: on pallet racks, shelf racks, arm rack system, mezzazine floor rack system, podiums, long span racks etc. In Hungary, the most widespread storage technology is pallet racking storage technology, from which the most commonly used in warehouse areas is serial pallet racking. Protecting grid fences we offer can be installed also afterwards, as auxiliary elements of the pallet rack system, based on the customer’s needs. We distinguish back wall grids, side wall grids and grid walls forming back wall grid systems bordering even one more complete rack fields mounted on the pallet racks. In case if we want to cover one or more entire rack field with back wall grid, a separate installation drawing and plan is necessary for our grid wall system, as this system is designed with protection against collapsing, easy to install, and is an efficient solution for customers. Manufacturer of safety grid or industrial fences has designed these assets to contribute to meeting the customer’s expectations related to the safety of goods, and to prevent fallout of the loaded goods, thus avoiding undesirable personal injury, workplace accidents and material damages. Individual grid elements are installed on the side or back walls of the pallet rack system, usually from the outside, with the help and use of so-called spacers and screws, this way posterior applications also make installation easier, which results in shorter installation times. Examining the grid systems installed with conventional bolt and nut method, one can easily find that installation of grid walls we deliver can be done must faster. Once the appropriate installation drawing is available, the grid panels can be bolted together quickly and easily to form a grid wall system, thus increasing the solidity and stability of the grid elements. Industrial fences and industrial grid walls are stable structures, and can be installed easily quickly and safely.


Safety products

Bars, upright protection

Safety bars and uprights help protect public utilities and buildings from damages caused by forklifts, material handlers and other vehicles. Repairing damages caused by vehicles can be quite costly. Protecting poles, bars, collision protectors, building protecting collision protectors offer excellent solution against damages caused by moving vehicles. They can be used to protect docking doors, areas closed for pedestrians, building doors and racks. In case if deficiencies were recorded to the protocol during the security technology audit, our experts are ready to offer you their assistance in designing and implementing the safety solution.

We deliver metallic collision protection elements (corner protectors, pole protectors, scaffolding frame protectors, building protection collision protectors, wall protection, hydrant protection, etc.) in standard and customized implementation, based on the customer’s needs.

Safety productsOther collision protection elements can also be made of metal, such as protecting bars for pedestrians, wall protection elements to protect the walls of warehouse, manufacturing or production halls, special collision protection solutions for the protection of building engineering and other equipment, and in case of outdoor use, parking lot borders and outdoor bars. Collision protection structures mentioned above are typically made of pipes.

We also have considerable references for both warehousing technology equipment (typically serial pallet racking systems, mezzazine floor rack systems, podiums) and collision protection elements installed in plants, production halls and industrial areas.

During the past few years, a number of manufacturers have developed so-called flexible collision protection solutions. These flexible collision protection solutions offer an alternative for conventional metallic collision protection in almost all cases mentioned above. Flexible collision protection solutions can be found both as accessories of warehouse equipment - typically rack systems - and in areas within plants and production halls. Flexible collision protection solutions have a product portfolio of rack protection and other collision protection functions, such as, for example pedestrian protecting bars, flexible building protecting collision protection.


Safety products

Safety markings (floor markings)

A moment comes in the life of every company, when the complexity of operational material flow leads to occupational safety risks. In such cases, transport routes belonging to various risk classes must be separated from each other, the easiest, fastest and most expedient way of which is the use of floor markers. As the areas must be separated from each other not just on the basis of the risks associated to them, but also based on the means of transportation and their transport frequency, layouts, materials and colors of floor markers offer considerable opportunities.

Safety productsDuring the design and selection of area designations, a number of parameters have to be evaluated:

  • planned period of the marker
  • probability of transformation of the area
  • internal requirements
  • effective rules
  • transport intensity of machinery and personnel transporting in the areas of mixed transport
  • initial cost of the floor marker
  • implementation cost of the floor marker
  • possibility and cost of transforming the floor marker
  • removal cost of the floor marker
  • quality of the surface to be marked
  • Illumination and visibility of the area to be marked

Permanently painted markers are inflexible and harmful in case of business reorganization, and it is difficult to remove them.

There are, however excellent floor marker strips that can be glued on one another to quickly and simply mark each production and logistics area. It doesn’t matter if it is a small storage room or a very frequented reload site, Zenit Kft. offers floor markers to every application.

Safety productsThere are countless forms of floor markers, industrial markers and industrial protections.

  • along-the-line floor marker, delineation, with the goal of appointing a route
  • orientation and information pictograms
  • stack location marking
  • stack location identification
  • warehouse storage location marking
  • safety technology, slip elimination
  • stairs, corner edge protection

Safety productsPersonal safety and assets protection are extremely important, and the common goal is to avoid incidents resulting in injuries and material damage due to negligence and inadequate regulation, and to reduce the risk of their occurrence.

In case if there are real or alleged risks in your plan, too, the many years of experience and complex knowledge of Zenit Kft.’s representatives are at your disposal in eliminating or reducing those risks.