Valuation of racks

Valuation of racks

Valuation of racks

If a rack or shelving system becomes obsolete and You wish to sell or rent it, it may be necessary to determine the actual market value of the assets in order to make an informed decision and make the right choice.

Zenit Kft. offers market value assessment and valuation services for new and used shelving and rack systems, system racks, mezzanine floor racking, cantilever and long goods racks, roller pallet racks, document archiving shelving , drive in and pass-through racks as well as palette live storage racks.

Our valuation service for shelving and rack systems is based on our company's more than 30 years of professional expertise and the aggregate of more than 150 years of professional experience of our specialists as well as the up-to-date knowledge of the Hungarian warehousing and intralogistics market, including the shelving and pallet rack systems market.

The market value of pallet and shelving racks and rack systems depends on the type and quantity of the rack, the quality and general condition of the racks or shelves, as well as as other additional factors (e.g. rack system disassembly, packaging material and packaging, loading, transportation, storage and warehousing costs)

Our valuation service deliverable is a document, that records the type and quantity of the racks, their condition and their actual sales value in the market.

Upon request, we do not only undertake the valuation of rack systems, but also provide support to our customers in purchasing and offsetting the value of the racks.

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