Plastic bins and pallets

Plastic bins and pallets

Plastic pallets:

In warehouse operation we often  experience the below advantages of plastic transportation support material (THM = Transport Hilfsmittel): size, ESD design, reliability, load capacity, durability, application in dust-free or water mist-free environment (in oxygen-reduced warehouse areas one needs to maintain air tightness, thus there is no ventilation), e.g. in the case of packaging material warehouses or automated warehouses (the industry standard for wood pallets has an average water content of 22%!).

The market of plastic pallets and plastic bins, boxes, containers may seem endless, however, they seem almost the same, so price sensitivity is often a primary and decisive factor when making decisions on purchases.

Based on our experience in intralogistics design, the choice is not easy and by no means risk-free! In the case of a plastic pallet, e.g. the issue of static and dynamic load capacity arises, and when stored in a pallet rack, the different load capacity, or e.g. the silo feeder when using big bags for bulk goods, raise concerns.

Plastic bins and pallets

Let us think about the case when a big bag is loaded on a plastic pallet, and the load is statically distributed over the entire surface of the pallet throughout the entire loading process, while if a bag is placed on the pallet that was loaded in a lifted position, we apply a “point load” to the plastic pallet and the rackwithin a radius of 500 mm, which causes a drastic (up to 50% compared to the factory value!) nominal load reduction for the plastic pallet in the case of a rack type not designed for this type of load.

It is equally important to ensure the right material selection in view of the storage environment, rotation speed (ABC Analysis), UV radiation, presence of vapor, temperature fluctuation. The type and use of plastic pallets (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, recycled, virgin, etc.) should also be considered.

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Plastic bins, boxes, lids, containers, containment equipment:

In addition to intralogistics, various plastic containers and transport tools play an important role in transportation logistics, whether we speak about transportation between the warehouse and production area, the change of packaging within a logistics process (e.g. from pallet to hand rack), from back-end pallet buffering to production or shipment, from picking for distribution through safety aspects, such as  packaging that comes with strapping and seals (to prevent in-house thefts during distribution).

Plastic bins and pallets

We use plastic bins when switching from machine-based material handling to manual handling, between manual or semi-automatic, dynamic (roller driven and gravity conveyors, lean or vertical elevators, paternosters) packaging stations and work station points (assembly, palletizer, depalletiser service components).

In addition to AGVs that move pallets, there are small, box-sized AGVs, operating with laser, magnetic tape or induction basis, and there are EU bin sized AGVs as well.

The operation of automated lifts between the levels of mezzanine floor racking system or system racks or stands is also safer when using standard bins.

The picking shuttle systems for small parts are also, in most cases, built in the size of a one-fourth-pallet automotive EU bin (600 x 400 mm).

Logistics centers, e-commerce, package delivery points and 3PL services use hundreds of thousands of bins per day, similarly to automated warehouses handling small items within the frame of warehouse automation (AKL - Automatisches Kleiteenelager).

Our staff has decades of experience in the methodology of selecting the appropriate plastic products for the given process!

“MH boxes” are essential accessories in warehouses designed for preventive maintenance, which are available in various sizes at Zenit Kft., in many variations of gray due to recycling. Upon purchasing a significant amount of such boxes Zenit Kft. offers a very competitive price.

EU-standard pallet-based containment equipment are also typically used in a preventive maintenance warehouse environment: they provide drip-free and affordable dosing of barrel-packaged lubricants in accordance with the relevant legal requirements.

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