Lifting and Transport Equipment

Lifting and Transport Equipment

Different types of material handling equipment offer excellent advantages during their use. The properly selected light material handling equipment and tools can improve the processes in the following way:

  • More efficient work processes and shorter manufacturing times.

  • More efficient utilization of the factory floor space.

  • Minimization of downtime caused by parts collection and commissioning.

  • Allows the personnel to concentrate on the most important activities.

Many processes require synchronization during the operation of a warehouse. With the solutions properly selected from the product range of ZENIT Kft., your staff will be able to perform their tasks with high efficiency, thus contributing to the improvement of manufacturing time and output figures.

If you are explicitly interested in our light material handling equipment, continue reading to learn more about their numerous advantages.


  1. Simple and easy use.

Light lifting and transportation equipment are almost always easier to use, than heavy machinery. Operating a number of heavy machines requires special training or licence for the personnel to operate the machinery. On the other hand, simpler are more ergonomic solutions available in our product range, such as handcarts, hand trolleys and commissioning carts are easier to use and operate. This means that employees are much more like to be able to perform their tasks simply and easily, as fast as possible, with minimal training. Our company offers customization of the products based on the individual needs of our customers. We offer a great range in the layout of our light transportation vehicles. They can be selected with industrial wheels, it is possible to choose them with polyamide, polyurethane tread, solid rubber, cast iron, or even trace-free gray rubber wheel to save the flooring.

  1. Safety, ergonomics and maneuverability.

In most cases, light machines and material handling equipment are safer than heavy machinery. As we can see, heavy machinery carry much more sources of danger, and may even cause severe injuries, if not used properly. Relatively light material handling solutions, for example pallet trucks, rolling frames, rolly carts, grid carts and manual hydraulic jacks may considerably facilitate the prevention of injuries caused by large and heavy equipment, furthermore, the application of light equipment helps reducing the number of personal injuries related to physical activity. We can easily realize that if a stairway is in the way of our hand trolley, then we have to select a type that can walk the stairs.

Light equipment are easier to maneuver, than the heavier alternatives. During their use, the light equipment can be quickly and easily migrated between locations, without requiring additional room for maneuvering. Due to their simple layout and smaller size, migration of the transported load requires minimal space, because no additional room is required for the operation of the equipment.

Our company markets numerous products for the establishment of an ergonomic environment, such as our fixed lifting tables and mobile lifting tables mounted with industrial wheels.


  1. In environments without forklifts, material handling below 350 kg.

One of the most important advantages of light material handling equipment is that they can be operated also in environments, where no forklift can begin industrial environments forklift is a common view: they are large, heavy and dangerous machines. As a matter of fact, forklift is one of the main causes of workplace injuries and deaths every year. During their use the operating personnel might get injured, or in worse cases, injuries caused by forklifts might even lead to death. Due to their nature, light material handling equipment pose lower risk.

Many companies seek the opportunity of establishing a forklift-free environment in order to minimize the contacts between the personnel and forklifts; these safety measure significantly contribute to their requirements. Light equipment of excellent quality may facilitate such transition, and make the facility much safer.

Customizable light lifting machines from the world market leading Swedish PRONOMIC® - Lift and Drive offering.

In Hungary, PRONOMIC appointed Zenit Kft. to market their customizable, high-quality light lifting machines and to provide the related service and maintenance services for the products.

Pronomic develops and manufactures high-quality market-leading economic lifting equipment to its customers worldwide. Our equipment facilitate efficient, ergonomic and safe material handling up to 325 kg. Lifting equipment may even come with special adapter developed for the actual needs. They use their solutions to manage rolls, boxes, bins, bags, panels, containers or finished products. They offer excellent lifting and facilitate the refill of dosing machines or even the movement of tools of other equipment during the transition of the production line, but are also excellent to build parts in finished products.

These top quality lifting machines and the solutions offered by them help our customers in increasing their productivity and to improve their work environment in all sectors, where lifting takes place.

Do you want to avoid strenuous processes and injuries? With our premium lifting machines most accidents and injuries caused by various manual lifting operations can be prevented. With our lifting machines, all lifting and rotating movements can be precisely controlled, thus improving the safety of the processes, let alone that their processes will speed up. The device called PRONOMIC designed by ZENIT Kft. reduces material damages to the goods and accidents among the personnel.

Request an offer for ergonomic lifting equipment distributed by ZENIT Kft., that ensure lifting, and contribute to a better and safer workplace.

If you need help finding the perfect solution for your business, contact ZENIT Kft.: our colleagues and specialists are at your disposal from the identification of individual need and design to complete implementation.

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Below we’ll show you some typical ways of use and custom-made lifting equipment.

Lifting and Transport Equipment
Lifting and Transport Equipment
Lifting and Transport Equipment
Lifting and Transport Equipment
Lifting and Transport Equipment
Lifting and Transport Equipment